About Us

We at Walrus Ice Cream think we have the best ice cream in the area. But it's not just our opinion: we are pleased to say that Walrus has won the "Best Ice Cream in Fort Collins" award for eleven years in a row. , “The competition didn't have a chance. Walrus, 125 W. Mountain Ave., holds on to the title of ‘Best Ice Cream’ in a landslide.

Walrus Ice Cream is a locally owned, premium home-made ice cream store, and was founded in 1987. We use only the finest all-natural ingredients in our ice cream and use a premium mix with no eggs in the recipe. We offer a wide variety of products in addition to our home-made, premium ice cream, including sherbets, sorbets, fruitages (non-sugared, non-dairy, non-fat frozen fruit juices) and low-fat yogurts. The ice cream type treats include all manners of cups and cones (from sugar cones to white-chocolate waffle cones!), Saturdaes (and you thought sundaes were good), shakes, malts, floats, soft drinks, ice cream cakes, and of course it wouldn't be ice cream without banana splits! Of course all of our ice creams and toppings are made from the freshest ingredients.

When you order an ice cream cone from Walrus, you can choose how your ice cream cone is assembled: if you want a unique set of toppings or mix-ins, that's fine, we've been mixing in toppings to our delicious ice cream cones since we started 15 years ago. Also, our cones are sold by weight, not by the "each." So, if you're hungry, and you want a massive cone that you can be working on for a long time, that's perfectly okay. Or, if you want just a small cone to "cleanse the palate," that's perfectly okay as well. In either case, you pay only for what you actually get.

You'll find a huge list of flavors at Walrus with the flavors changing on a daily basis. Just take a look at Today's Flavors to see what our ice cream makers have cooked up! To satisfy your premium ice-cream desires, we're continually expanding our flavors and products (Walrus Tusks, Walrus Mountains, etc.) and we're constantly thinking up and inventing new treats! If you have any ideas or suggestions, let us know, and if you want a flavor we don't have, we'll create it!

Walrus is also a good citizen, with a high level of community involvement hosting school tours through their ice-cream-making department, they post local students' artwork in the store, and offer a community bulletin board to announce upcoming events. And although Walrus' target market is people, they'll take care of your dog as well: Sunday is doggie scoop day, where dogs eat free!

In addition to the scrumptious food items above, we also have Walrus sportswear and Gift Certificates for those hard-to-buy-for people in your life!